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Balloon Art Funny


What does a dog say when it sees a log


What does a dog say when it sees the top of a house


Why was the puppy so well behaved in class ?


Why was the Cat so well behaved in class ?


Where do cats go for Art ?


Where do cats go on school trips ?


How did the giraffe do in school ?


What kind of fish has two knees ?


Why are fish such good students ?


What do cows use to comb their hair with?


Where do calves like to eat?


What happens after a calf is 1 year old? 1


What do bulls like to eat?


Where do bulls like to eat?


How do batís line up in school ?


Why did the broom sleep in?


What do race car drivers eat for breakfast?


Where is the best place to learn about plants ?


What was the little snakeís best subject in school ?


What do ducks do when they donít know how to spell a word ?


What animal would you find in the school library ?


How do bees brush their hair ?


How do bees get to school in the morning ?


What goes around the school ( house, store, person, etc ) but never moves ?


Why do math teachers like calculators ?