Gene Bowdish / MaGenie Magic - Magician Services Licensed Established 1998


The new science of Algebraic Economics

as defined by Gene Bowdish ... Limited by the Laws of Physics...

economic formulas of any type are Limited by the Laws of Physics...



in a junk yard there are no solutions, only ideas ... ???

it is not a solution until it works,

and then it could back fire, maybe because it has rust on it or something ... ???


I asked more than 50,000 people ...

if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ?

sometimes it can appear as though it is like a junk yard of ideas

there can be good ideas hidden within the junk if you can find them ... ???

two or more pieces of junk can equal a good idea ... ??? or not ... ??? 

if you can't understand the language it can take some interesting skills to find out what it means ... ???