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                             PHONE: ( 360 ) 412 - 8218

           ( if I do not answer, I may be busy with another customer ... )

what kind of Balloons can I put together for you ... ?

Gene Bowdish ... phone 360 412 8218


the numbers tell you how many colors, it takes, to make the balloon art




if the price does not ask for Sales Tax, WA State Sales tax is included in prices where required

most popular with customers

May I, entertain you, by doing, Balloon Art for you ?

( balloon art is most popular with my customers ),

May I, entertain you, by performing Magic and illusion, for you ... ?

their is also face painting and more ... 


true illusions,

you can turn into magic tricks,

 with a balloon, magic wand, I make ...

and your imagination ...



there is many more magic tricks you can do ... 


   Gene BowdishGene Bowdish



balloon safety course for you ... ???


Safety first, you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor

( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )

Latex Allergies ( it can save a life to know what to do ... ??? )

thousands of other things have the same allergen, playing with a balloon can give you a warning

that you otherwise might not get from an unknown thing ... ???

a person walks around in the woods, has an allergic attack, and for what ever reason does not know why

a person walks around in the store, has an allergic attack, and for what ever reason does not know why

and then, a person plays with a balloon, has an attack,

 it would be easier for a competent doctor to diagnosis the issue ... ???


for people who are allergic to latex and or just want to take a class ... ???


finding out if you are allergic to latex can save your life ... ???

if you find out that you are allergic to latex,

 you may need to be careful touching or breathing thousands of products and things ... ???

Latex Allergies ( What Causes a Reaction to Latex?

The reaction is caused by allergens—proteins in the sap of the rubber tree  )

if you find out you have become allergic to latex, and you get proper treatment for it,

your life may be saved ...

latex is naturally in many locations ... ???

Latex as found in nature is a milky Fluid found in 10% of all flowering plants.

Looking for cures for allergies ... ???

is it possible that you may be able to work with thousands of people

 to find a treatment(s) / cure(s) for allergy(s) 



( June 2014 ) I ( Gene Bowdish ) gave out 2165 free balloons to children

who did not have any money for a balloon ( since January 2014 ) ...

thanks to the people who donated money for free balloons, especially Christians ...

many parents gave an economic idea, in an attempt to work together to help you ...


web site instructions: left click or right click on a word or photo, and see if it brings you somewhere ... ???