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Gene Bowdish / MaGenie Magic - Magician Services Licensed Established 1998



most popular balloons

 with our customers

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Gene Bowdish

I am partly disabled, so I will not likely be able to do
 balloons the same as other entertainers can ...







Gene Bowdish

MaGenie Magic Co. - Lacey, WA 98503

Magician Services

PHONE: ( 360 ) 412 - 8218

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most popular with customers

the numbers tell you how many colors, it takes, to make the balloon art


true illusions,

I can turn into magic tricks,

I make a balloon magic wand for you to use,

no matter what your age,

and your imagination at play ...



there is many more magic tricks you can do ...



gift cards for you ...













   Gene BowdishGene Bowdish



balloon safety course for you ... ???

the public library can give you much more information 


A TV station asked, when did you ( Gene Bowdish ) start as an entertainer ... ?



thanks to many Customers ...

wishing you a wonderful day, everyday ...


I am ( Gene Bowdish ) the only one in the world doing this kind of research ... ???


economic formulas that solve problems in your everyday life ...

what do those economic formulas look like ... ???


economic formulas that prevent and or treat and or cure diseases ...

what do those economic formulas look like ... ??? MaGenie Magic





thanks to the people who donated money for free balloons, especially Christians ...

many parents gave an economic idea, in an attempt to work together to help you ...



save a life, Make it easier for kids who want to learn etiquette, to get kids books on etiquette


Kids guide to economic etiquette ideas ...




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