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economic formulas that solve problems in your everyday life ...

what do those economic formulas look like ... ???


economic formulas that prevent and or treat and or cure diseases ...

what do those economic formulas look like ... ??? MaGenie Magic




By Gene Bowdish

economic cookbook: ideas that I came up with …

that really worked for other people ...

the best economic ideas are ones that you can do with no money to begin with

so there is a greater chance it would work for more people even

if they did not have any money to begin with,

all ideas I came up with are all based on legal methods …

economic resistance may make it more difficult for you to use the economic formula …

 if you can come up with ideas to lower the economic resistance

the better the chance the economic formula will work for you … ???

The new science of Algebraic Economics
as defined by Gene Bowdish ... Limited by the Laws of Physics...
economic formulas of any type are Limited by the Laws of Physics...
Safety first, you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor
( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )

1 a friend’s truck broke down, his family was unable to get to the Puyallup fair

to work and make money for their family, he is a military veteran …

my economic idea was for him to ask U-Haul rental type companies,

 especially those who are run by a veteran …

 I told him to offer the U-Haul type company to advertise for the U-Haul type company

at the Puyallup fair in front of thousands of people going by

who would read the sign and phone number on the U-Haul type van, it worked for him …

 additional ideas for the U-Haul type company is the tax deductions for the company


you will need the help of a certified public accountant  Advertising expenses.

You generally can deduct reasonable advertising expenses

that are directly related to your business activities.

Potentially helping the U-Haul based company to recover costs to let the veteran use the van ….

2 A homeless person asked me for money,

 I told him I did not have any money to give him,

but that I could give him a balloon heart

and he could hold it to show passers by the heart

and he either created more compassion from passers by

and or traded the balloon heart for money and then he went

and got something to eat at the store …

3 This one is based on your ability to do customer service really well,

if you don’t know how it will be harder for you to do …

many people asked me how they might be able to get a car with no money …

you have to be able to trust the care dealer …

many car dealers will offer you, typically a hundred dollars if you bring in a friend

and they buy a car from that dealer … the idea is that you take the cost of the car that you want

 plus the cost of tax and license and any taxes that you may owe to the IRS …

in the future and cost of gas for a year …

so if the ideas works for you the cost of the car will be zero for a year

or if you have some money it will at least be less expensive for you … ???

example: cost of used car at a ford dealer that I just looked up …

$2,173.00 x 2 = $4,346.00 / 100 = 43.46 round to 44 customers you would need

and then you would have $2,173.00 left for expenses like tax and license and gas ... ???

4 A person wanted a boat, same economic idea as the car,

but instead you would go to a boat dealer … ???

5 A person wanted a personal airplane,

same economic idea as the car, but instead you would go to a airplane dealer … ???

6 A lady and a man who cares for the homeless out in the woods and

wants a safe place for her what sounded like a 100 homeless friends to live …

I said you could go to the wells Fargo bank in west Olympia

in which me and the bank manager Shawn

( am not sure if that is the correct spelling of his name or not )

had already brained stormed this economic idea …

the idea would be for the homeless group to buy an apartment building

 with the help of doctor ( she suggested a retired doctor )

Shawn and a nonprofit group that would help them with the purchase

of the apartment building and the way that the 100 homeless people

might be able to pay for the apartment building

 so that they would own the apartment building that they would live in

 is a work from home source book at the library …

I told her that there was some fear from work from home companies

 that people had, but that they could go to the police

and an attorney who would be willing to help them

because the attorney may have compassion for the homeless

plus it may be good will and free advertising for the attorney …

 well she and her group last time I heard are working on the idea

 to help the homeless group … well anyway here is the economic formula …

$10,000,000.00 cost of apartment building
100 homeless people
$100,000.00 cost per person
40 divided by a 40-year loan
$2,500.00 cost per person per year
365 days in a year
$6.85 cost per person per day to own the apartment building
there is an example of a beads factory

that pays $12 dollars and hour, no experience required,

they train, there are many other companies to choose from
they would most likely pay taxes to the government on money they earn so
0.75 possible money left after tax rate
$9.00 so they each collectively would

each need to work 1 hour a day to pay for the cost of the apartment building

 that they would own
some may work 2 hours a day to help a sick friend or what ever
if half of them worked 2 hours a day,

they could help 50 sick people who could not work right now
now cost of food and utilities
ask Puget sound energy how much it would cost for the entire building on average
ask a grocery store or wholesale house

how much it would cost to feed the entire group for a year

and get a better deal by buying in bulk
cost divided by cost per person for a year per day to do that … ???

7 I have many more economic ideas,

there is no guarantee that any of these ideas will work for you,

 think of it as a junkyard of ideas, just like a junkyard for cars there are benefits and risks

in which you would need the help of professional(s) to help you …


I believe if I tell you there is a risk,


if I don’t tell you many people would likely suffer and or die …

 so the need for you to know how to do the economic formula(s) out ways the risk … ???


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thanks to the people who donated money for free balloons, especially Christians ...

many parents gave an economic idea, in an attempt to work together to help you ...



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