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I used the above economic formula to come up with my study, idea, invention, that

on average, only 1 in a 1000 people have heard about storage temperature

even less know what to do and how to do it,

many people told my to tell you ...

someday you may wish you learned about my study if you didn't ?

( keep in mind some people / parents that are out of high school cannot read very well

keep in mind some people / parents that are out of high school

do not have any education / understanding in science

and cannot recognize that importance of these studies )


on average, after listening to my talk about my study,

you may instantly have a better understanding ...

or be able to find someone(s) to explain it to you ..


why just reading my study may help you !

A Lady said reading my study, saved her $25,000.oo, I thought she was a special case

after I looked into it, her challenge is very common

will this idea save you a few dollars to more than a $1,000.oo or more ?


A guy said, after reading my study, the information saved his life,

many more people told me the same thing

will this idea save your life or the life of a loved one ?


A Lady said, Thank You, your study saved my young daughters Life

many more people said the same thing about there children


A Lady said, Thank You, your study saved my young daughter's Life

many more people said the same thing about their children


A Doctor was very impressed with my study, just recently 5/21/2023


Safety First, All Data will Need to Be Verified by a Competent Doctor

And Pharmacist

 Study by, Gene Bowdish


many People that was impressed by my Study, Study by, Gene Bowdish


is it possible for you to save $10 or $100 or $10,000 or $100,000 or more

just learning about my invention and how and why it works ... ???

The new science of Algebraic Economics

as defined by Gene Bowdish ... Limited by the Laws of Physics...

 economic formulas of any type are Limited by the Laws of Physics...

Safety first, you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor

( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )  

a percentage of these ideas are really old idea,

some of the links are missing or broken ... ???

I try to find math formulas that help other people...

With my junk yard of ideas - Like US on FaceBook


Gene Bowdish asked way more than 50,000 people since 2001

when I reached over 50,000 people was when I posted that sudy ...

"if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ?"

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old link -

old link -

Gene Bowdish


Pay attention to experts who may improve on these studies ... ???


this model invented, and tested by, Gene Bowdish

1.1i) Gene Bowdish, talking about my invention, Just understanding it may save your life •Jul 21, 2018  

Gene Bowdish

Ask your doctor and pharmacist if this idea of having your prescription at an ideal temperature

will help you get more healthy faster and what temperature is important for you ?

1000s of people I asked about this agree with me, “Gene Bowdish”

What is the proper temperature for you per item that you want to protect ... ?


newer display model invented and tested by, Gene Bowdish

I used many different thermometers and thermostats, each one has a specific job / test ...

showing the benefits and challenges yet to be solved ...

I received many specs and ideas from doctors, pharmacists,

fire departments, police departments, newspapers, television stations,

and thousands of other people, etc ...


example: 1

example: 2

example: 3

studies by, Gene Bowdish


there is a lot more data available ... Gene Bowdish