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Gene Bowdish / MaGenie Magic - Magician Services Licensed Established 1998


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2/27/18 Gene Bowdish, City Hall, Olympia, WA, Goal - to save as many lives as possible ...




2018 12/7/18 Gene Bowdish, some Algebraic Economic Research I have done for Teachers and Students over the years

Gene Bowdish an idea to help the Homeless 11/28/18

11/16/18 Gene Bowdish, I made an introduction to my website,

11/14/18 Gene Bowdish helping Comcast and Microsoft to help thousands of there customers

11/2/18 My research on diabetic grocery shopping ...

9/7/18 Gene Bowdish and Tim Eyman working on ideas to help thousands of people

7/22/18 Gene Bowdish, Balloon art, testing cooler temp automatic control, which I invented, it appears to be working great to keep balloons at a good temp in the hot sun during transport ...

7/17/18 Gene L Bowdish, I am, potentially, helping students at the University of Washington to help the public in Olympia, WA, and surrounding areas

7/8/18 Gene Bowdish, and family, doing economic research on healthcare

7/3/18 Gene Bowdish, working with Molina Healthcare and the public to learn how to save lives

6/15/18 Gene Bowdish, working with Rod Wagner, economic formulas

5/20/18 Gene Bowdish, working with Molina Healthcare and the public to learn how to save lives

3/2/18 Gene Bowdish, started working at Capitol Mall, on Saturdays

2/27/18 Gene Bowdish, City Hall, Olympia, WA, Goal - to save as many lives as possible ...

2017 12/17/17 I learned about renal diabetic diets, that helps save lives, from some of the smartest medical professionals in the world, Seattle, WA

12/10/17 Gene Bowdish, I learned about the ketogenic diet from a very smart high school teacher

12/4/17 we saw Santa, and we were working right by Santa, Lacey WA

11/3/17 Gene Bowdish, and family, learned about - Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success from a very smart high school teacher

Gene Bowdish, in a Book is it a best seller yet ?

3/17/17 Gene Bowdish, working with Molina Healthcare and public to save as many lives as possible ...

2016 12/29/16 Gene Bowdish, working on an algebraic economic idea to help, thousands of scientists and Medical professionals and patients and friends and families to come up with treatments and cures for any disease ...

2016-09-13 Gene Bowdish, working on ideas to help as many teachers as possible ...

8/31/16 Gene Bowdish, Healthcare, economic research ideas to help, city, county, state, federal workers and the general public

7/12/16 Gene Bowdish, in Olympian Newspaper, helping customers with Balloon Art, when .

2016-07-16 Gene Bowdish, working with veterans and public to find ways to help people ...

5/9/16 Gene Bowdish, sharing economic ideas with Kiro 7, economic ideas that may save many lives ...

Magician - SAM - Society of American Magicians

2/23/2016 Gene Bowdish, shared economic formulas with the Washington state capitols offices

2/23/16 Gene Bowdish, MaGenieMagic, signed up with the secretary of state charities division for studying economics the way I do

2/13/16 Gene Bowdish, working with Molina Healthcare and the public to learn how to save lives

2015 Gene Bowdish Shout Out - Spring Arts Walk 2015

Gene L Bowdish, working on saving lives, Shout Out! - Fall Arts Walk 2015

Gene L Bowdish Shout Out! - Fall Arts Walk 2015 Olympia, WA

Gene Bowdish, Art Walk, Channel 3 TV, working on ideas to save lives ...

1/17/15 Gene Bowdish, Lacey, WA, fundraiser, for flood victims in Aberdeen, WA

2014 3/6/18 Gene Bowdish, and family did economic research for fundraising for schools,

teachers and students ...


2/22/14 Gene Bowdish, cancer fundraiser, with firefighters ...


2013 9/16/13 Gene Bowdish, Looking for ideas to help improve everyones lives ...

summer 2013, I, Gene Bowdish, taught my 2 children the times tables, and Business Algebra


6/27/13 Gene Bowdish, and family, Disneyland looking for work and learning how to entertain

2012 Sept 2012 Gene Bowdish & Family & Fire Fighters & Public & Puyallup Fair Helping Disabled MDA Sept


2010 12/16/2010 Gene Bowdish, working with the City of Lacey, WA to save as many lives as possible .


2008 12/11/2008 Bicycle work Trailer Gene Bowdish Recycling weigh scale at the trash dump 920 pounds


2007 2007, Gene Bowdish, Bicycle and Huge Trailer setup


8/7/07 Microsoft Connections for Small Business MaGenie Magic Co


2006 Food Handlers Card


2006-10-22 Gene Bowdish, economic research at Lakewood Swap meet, Lakewood, WA


4/20/06 Gene Bowdish, letter to the president of the United States


2005 Gene Bowdish, Learning from the IBEW, learning how to save lives

5/5/05 Gene Bowdish, IBEW 76, general journeyman electrician,

working at Morton Hospital, Morton, WA


2004  12/15/04 I learned electrical work from some of the best teachers in Washington - IBEW

9/25/04 Gene Bowdish, and family, economic research, Puyallup, WA


2004-09-03 Gene Bowdish, economic research at Bumpershoot, Seattle, WA

8/18/04 Gene Bowdish, economic research

2004-06-27 Gene Bowdish, studied economic formulas that help people, at Taste of Tacoma

2003 McCord Air Force Base, electrician, electrical contractor

Fort Lewis, electrician, electrical contractor - IBEW 76


2001, Gene Bowdish, I started economic research in 2001 ...

11/14/01 Gene Bowdish, I got really good at driving huge extending forklifts and electrical work

 by some of the best teachers in Washington state - IBEW


2000 Gene Bowdish, MaGenie Magic Co., looking for ideas to help families


1999 6/9/1999 Gene Bowdish, IBEW continuing education, General Journeyman Electrician


1998 Home Based Business Startup


2/1/1998 Gene Bowdish, I started


Balloon Art - dog, cat, hotdog, airplane, helicopter, heart, flower ...

Anything you can think of that I know how to make ...


1997 Emergency First Aid Training, Red Cross

Emergency First Aid Training, Red Cross


1995 Gene Bowdish, Apprentice electrician to General journeyman electrician


1992 Gene Bowdish, I invented a heart / breathing monitor out of an old record player

combined with a heat paper recorder


1991 Gene Bowdish, Electronics, introduction to power supplies,

I made a homemade heart monitor and breathing analyzer,

Gilligan's professor style ( what I had to work with because I was poor )

 fyi, I am still poor 7/8/18 I still qualify for food stamps and Medicaid ...

Started School at


Gene Bowdish and a lot of Electrical inspectors did a lot of studies together,

comparing the National Electrical Code NEC to the Laws of Physics,

I was very lucky to have that opportunity, while I was upgrading all electrical

and bringing a huge factory up to NEC Code

I was the Top Electrician Manager working night shift ...

I also did electrical, and more ... Research and Development for the factory

while hundreds of people worked there doing there manufacturing Jobs

low voltage AC / DC to 480 VAC 1 phase, 3 phase and more, at times working with Live Circuits

so the factory workers would not interrupted

I passed hundreds of electrical inspections, inspected by electrical inspectors and Labor and industries ...

and I did the electrical for a brand new research and development building ...

I got so fast at it that I invented a muti wire nut driver so it would not take so long to

wire nut thousands of connections in electrical boxes

I presented my invention to an invention company that was supposed to bring it to market,

they took the idea, I never heard from them again


1983 around 1983 or so, Gene Bowdish, My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000,

I programmed games using basic language and

I made a graphics controller that controlled my stage lights for my Magic Shows

1981 Electrician, electrical contractor, Dover Air Force Base

Left Delcastle Technical High School

Graduated from Hodgson (Paul M.) Vocational Technical High School


1980 Started School at Delcastle Technical High School

Left Christiana High School


1979 3/8/1979 Gene Bowdish, students and Teachers while I was in High School,

 helped me to become really good at being an Entertainer


1978 Magician - IBM - The International Brotherhood of Magicians


1977 Gene Bowdish, using Magic and entertaining to help people, and people in hospitals

Started School at Hodgson (Paul M.) Vocational Technical High School

Started School at Christiana High School


1976 Army Cadet


1975 Army Cadet