econ_AAiO_an_economic_formula_may_encourage_a_doctor_to_misdiagnosis ... ???


an economic formula may encourage a doctor to misdiagnosis your condition ... ???


because of what you do at work and or at home ...

may encourage a doctor misdiagnosis your condition

 if the doctor does not understand economic formulas very well ... ??? 

because a doctor assumes an economic situation of a patient ... ???

 that typically makes a person's body stink can a doctor make a misdiagnosis ... ???

and not do a much needed medical test for the patient ... ???


What kind of blood testing does an ER typically do ... ???


What kind of blood testing does a doctor typically do ... ???


What kind of blood testing do they typically do

 if they do not have an economic formula the patient can easily afford to use ... ???

will the patient be asked to choose between much needed health food or the medical bill ... ??? 


with all the conflicting economic formulas

how does a doctor know when to test and when not to test ... ??? 


there are electronic circuits that already exist

 or can be created and designed

 in which a person can put in to place, that will, allow two or more circuits

that previously could not work together at all

that will now, work in harmony ... ???


are there economic formulas that can be put into place

much the same way

 to solve economic problems in the same way ... ???