a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...



the number one cause of a family not getting the medical care they want is

the family does not know how to find customers ... ???


if you own a business, finding customers is usually the key to your business being successful ... ???


if you have a job, it may be your job to find customers,

or you depend on someone(s) where you work to find customers for you ... ???


if you work for the government, your customers are typically the tax payers ... ???

if your tax payers do not know how to find customers,

the amount of tax they pay typically goes down or stops all together ... ???


finding a potential customer is only part of the solution ... if your potential customer does not know

to afford what you have to offer, then your potential customers problem is usually,

 that they do not know how to find customers so they can afford to buy what you have to offer ... ???

it is like a break in the economic circuit ... ???

with a lack of better words to use, you need a wire nut to fix it ... ???

even though they may all be UL listed, some wisenuts work better than others ... ???


the kind of wire nut(s) ( wisenut(s) ) you would need,

 would consist of an algebraic economic formula that you and your potential customer

would understand how to use ... ???