a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,
the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor

( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )


I picked dentists, because so many people have this economic problem,

and it is a good economic challenge to try to solve ... ???

I have yet to find any dentists who understand how to use these economic algebraic equations to help you ... ???

dentists can successfully do all kinds of dentist type math in which could result in your life or death ... ???

and yet dentist can do a little of economic math to help you pay your dentist bill if you are poor ... ???

that = dentists can do some kinds of dentist type of math in which could result in your life or death ... ???


( Is dental care included in Obama’s healthcare and is there a co-pay ?

I am having problems finding a for sure answer when I search for it ...   )


I am trying to explain this using the algebraic economics limited by the laws of physics

if you have not heard it this way before, it may take a while for you to grasp how it works ... ???


An idea for dentist copay … ???


you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor

( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )


Could the power of $1.00 / one dollar and 30 minutes at dentist office pay for your copay?

Reducing the pain of your Dentist Bill

Can you think of an algebraic economic formula that could legally do that for you,

your family, a friend ... ??? 

( you have to include the cost of taxes as well ... )


is this accurate ... ???


with this algebraic economic formula, you have to already be suffering to get help ... ???

In order to qualify for co-pay assistance to help with your health insurance costs

you must be diagnosed with a disease or condition listed on their website

(website is at bottom) and meet certain financial and insurance qualifications.

Read more: How to Get Co Pay Assistance |


Could the power of $1 one dollar and 30 minutes at dentist office pay for your copay?

Reducing the pain of your Dentist Bill

could the power of a $1 dollar and an algebraic economic customer service formula

pay your Dentist Copay ... ???

with this algebraic economic formula,

all you have to do is understand customer service ... ???

matching your skill with a customer(s) need(s) ... ???

let say your copay is $10.00

if you have the extra money, then it is easy for your to pay ... ???

if not, then the dentist could show you how to help 10 customers using PLART,s for customers,

charging each customer a $1 for task completed

 $1 x 10 customers = $10 dollars for your copay

 if your tax liability is $10 dollars, then you just use the formula

 $1 x 20 customers = $20 dollars for your copay

by Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S.,

I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) hear this question more than any:

"Just WHY is going to the dentist so expensive?"

Well, I'm going to answer that question today. Now, before I even start, I have to state two things.

First: I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S), as a dentist, am not looking for any sympathy.

I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) "get" that no matter how I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) explain it,

 people getting a crown, etc. are still going to think I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) pocketed $1,000+

 for an hour's work. And it's their right to think that.

And second: I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) fully realize the reality of things.

 I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) will explain that I do not think it's a smart economic move to

forgo a checkup, but I (Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S) also realize that

if it's a choice between that or food, well, sorry Mr. Dentist.

as you can see, dentists make decisions based on economic data they have learned,

it looks like his economic experience is with taxed based economics only ... ???

example: you choose to tax your job / budget a dollar an hour to pay for the dentist bill

if you get $12.00 dollars an hour at your job, minus $1.00 an hour for dental work,

 now you get $11.00 dollars an hour for your budget ... ???

example: ask your algebra teacher for many more examples ...

( be sure to ask how you will be billed, for the answers the algebra teacher gives ...)


if you do not tell them about this idea, you may have to continue to choose between

what you need and dental work ... ???

it is like a tool box, the more tools you have, the more choices you have,

and the better job you can do, usually ... ???


if you find out that your total bill is $5,000 dollars

$1 x 5,000 customers = $5,000 dollars for your copay

the algebraic economic problem could be time

if it takes you 10 minutes to help each customer then

10 x 5,000 minutes = 50,000 minutes = 833.33 hours = 104.16 eight hour days ( does that sound right ? )

now that is a challenge, or is it ... ???

if you and or your dentist can come up with an algebraic economic formula in which you could

help all 5,000 customers in one hour then, your copay can still be paid in one hour ... ???

the biggest economic challenge is connecting you

 with the customers who need what you have to offer ... ???


the next biggest economic challenge is showing the potential customers

 how to afford what you have to offer ... ???


if you find out later that the tax is deductible then you can get a refund when you do your taxes

 through the appropriate tax agency(s) ... ???

as smart as the financial department is for your dentist

this skill may be too complex for them to put an algebraic economic formula together for you ... ???


if they could match your need for physical therapy that you need, with the PLART,s for customers

then, instead of you paying for your physical therapy, you could get paid to do your physical therapy ... ???


economically wealthy people have a choice

poor people rarely have a choice ... ???

especially if they are a diabetic, heart patient, etc. ... ???

example: they may feel they may have to choose between the high cost of diabetic foods

and dental care ... ???


Lack of dental care leaves poor in agony


Millions of Americans Face Life Without Dental Care 

poor people = people who do not understand customer service ... ???


Dental Copays


3 Things to Know about Dental Insurance


Welcome to Delta Dental

dentists came up with this program ...

(dentists / doctors take ideas from people who do economic research,

and try to use the ideas to save your life ... ???)



The Financial Physician Radio Show



a percentage of homeless people are complaining about the idea because they do not know how to

read, write, do math, or algebra, and they don't understand what the laws of physics means ...

this looks like an opportunity for a doctor(s) who is/are doing research

and is trying to get known for solving problems like this

who has teaching methods that works for many more people than the current public education system ...


is this accurate ... ??? how can this message be improved ... ?


Learn Business English Lesson 3 - (trustworthy, honest dealer, crook, blacklist)

If a patient never pays bills, you can get on a black list ... ???

and a percentage of medical professionals will be afraid to treat you ... ???

if they help you and you cannot afford the health food you need because they helped you,

and now you need to choose between health food and paying the medical bills

that puts your medical professional(s) in between a rock and a hard spot ... ???

it is not going to look good for them if you get sick because of the medical bills they give you

that you cannot afford to pay ... ???

the only solution for everyone I can come up with is possibly, a root based economic formula

in which you get paid to pay off your medical bill, using your customer service skills ... ???


and I am familiar with the people who cannot pay, or do any kind of work, for those people ...

for those people, the more people who are able to use there customer service skills to pay off

medical bills, the easier it would be for originations to help those with more challenging

customer service issues ... ??? 

there appears to be no encyclopedia information on, where you can get paid to play games

except games where one/few person(s) wins, and the rest lose ... ??? 

in a root based economic game, everyone who plays, gets paid, unless because of the laws of physics

something becomes broken in the math economic equation ... ???


but they do have information on taxes: 

normally you only have to pay taxes if you earn money/barter ... ???

except you have to pay taxes for things like property taxes ... ???


ASL Tax Tips: Miscellaneous Income (Captions & Audio) Barter income ... ???