a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...



maybe I got this wrong, but it appears to me, that after you take an economics class,

 and understand what you are doing in economics,

you should be able to have the necessary economics skills to afford many classes

 of other subjects that you want to take ... ???

but apparently, a percentage of teachers disagree with me ... ???


there for, if you need an economics course to understand how to pay for all other classes,

I believe there should be a way to volunteer, barter, earn and or work for an economics class ...


when you go to a college to learn economics,

you may ask if there is a way to work, barter, earn, and or volunteer for a class ...

when I asked representative, a while ago,

most colleges, universities, tech schools I asked said, more than 50 ...

no, there is no plan for that, you pay up front, or get a student loan that you have to pay back ...

( Gene: it looks like your college does a good job at teaching everything except economics ... ? )


regardless of what the college said your grade is, in economics,

your real grade is whether you can pay back the loan or not ... ???

so if you got an A in economics, but you do not have the economic skill to pay back the loan,

and support your family, well hummm, something seems wrong here ... ???


if you take an auto mechanics course, and the teacher said you got an A,

and then you realize that you cannot fix a car,

 well then you may realize something is wrong with the class ... ???


if you take a cooking class, and you get an A,

and then you realize you cannot even bake a cake,

 then you may realize that something is wrong with the class ... ???


but when people take an economics class,

and have problems paying off their student loans,

they don not normally see anything wrong with the class ... ???


a percentage of Unions may pay for a percentage of your classes

if you work for the Union and pay Union Dues ... ???


if you work for the military, the military may pay for a percentage of your classes ... ???


a percentage of colleges may let you volunteer for one or more classes ... ???

 example: they teach you a thing, and you volunteer to teach the students that thing ... ???


a percentage of colleges may appear to be free,

 but then you realize they are not when you read the fine print,

and they send you a bill you have to pay ... ???