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a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas, the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...


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( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )  
a percentage of these ideas are really old idea,
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Reference for use at the Public Library ... ask your Librarian about resources from these key words ...


the FTC asked me to tell you about 


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Foodborne Illnesses: What You Need to Know 


so many people do not even know these books exist ... I found them using the Public Library ...

How to Make Money with your hobby How to start a business for free 1000 work from anywhere it is legal to work from ? Cycling for profit, how to make money with your bicycle Small Business Marketing Door to Door Movie based on a true story Lorenzo's Oil movie based on a true story Living Well on a show string







ASL Tax Tips: Miscellaneous Income (Captions & Audio) Barter income ... ???


IRS American Sign Language (ASL) 


Gardner D R CPA PS

( the best IRS tax accountants I have known, Gene )

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Stretch illusion if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ?


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